Week 1 What is Web 2.0/History of the Web

After doing some research it was quite interesting so see the many responses and sources for what is defined as web 2.o. It can come off unclear and cause some confusion, but basically it means and is defined by what is new within the mainstream and present day. In the beginning you had companies such as Netscape and Lotus which defined the way the internet ran in its infancy along with a host of other companies during that period when the internet was begining to take off.  In modern day you have companies such as Google and Amazon which have adapted and act as middleman for users on the web by using the space between much like a phone call, which happens not just on the phones at either end of the call, but on the network in between. What is represented in Web 2.0 is a new revolution and the next generation in browsing the web and going to sites which have adapted and moved on using the latest software and technology while maintaining a widespread approach to ease use for the user.

The important thing to understand that Web 2.0 defines what is the medium and how the web should be.  John Allsopp makes a good point thorough his explanation of Daoism and how it relates to how the web is constantly changing, evolving, and adapting compared to how it used to be and the direction we think things may go. Over time as change has taken place new companies have shown themselves through their use of technology and how they maintain their servers. Companies such as Amazon have come to the forefront of what is actually considered Web 2.0 and how to run the web . Understanding where the web has come from, to where it is going, and what is present helps us as designers and users in our interaction within the web and its constant evolution.






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  1. Nicely stated. Great post.

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