Week 3 RSS feeds (Why we need them)

The question is what exactly is an RSS?  RSS  is a family of web feed formats, specified in XML and used for Web syndication. Which makes it basically a super email. It allows you to be able to subscribe to those important columns you would like to read and to provide other subscribers who might interested in your information to have information delivered straight to those recipient’s desktop. It has many benefits including being free as well as also increasing traffic for the site owner, and allowing for the subscriber to access all their information in one place creating a personal learning environment for convenient access. Providing a good headline will allow for increase traffic because real-time syndication provides a way for that information to be sent directly the subscriber where he or she can then read the article, provide comments, and respond accordingly.

The creation of RSS feeds has been wonderful and honestly i couldn’t imagine a world without them. They allow for so much content and resources to be gathered in one place through the use of creating a personal learning environment or allowing me to subscribe to those sites or blogs I really want to read. I can’t say how many times it has given me information I’ve been wanting to know whether its been something for personal entertainment, or research. Imagine being able to see all the sites and read all the information you de like without having to go the trouble to visit each and every one of those places. Well through the use of RSS and aggregators in general that’s become a reality. For some such as myself I couldn’t see how you couldn’t use it as it also provides a way for you to further develop the type of learning environment you seek to create for yourself and as being able to share that information with others who may in turn use it for their own personal learning environment tool. ….and through users sharing this information with one another it just keeps going. Being able to put together some awesome resources as a collection tool for my personal learning environment has further enhanced my knowledge in particular with information in relation to HTML. Keeping up to date with what is going on in the world of web design has been a lot easier since the use of RSS feeds as its allowed for proper web standards to be included in the projects. I’ve found recently that its extremely important to make connections out there in the digital world.  Commenting and responding can sometimes be useful in building these relationships all while further enhancing knowledge and satisfying the curiosity of the mind. All in all RSS feeds are great so you got use them or you’ll never know what you may have interest in knowing.






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4 Responses to Week 3 RSS feeds (Why we need them)

  1. mailitx says:

    A very logical and thorough breakdown of RSS and its affects – well done. I’ve gotten hooked on feeds, I might have mentioned that in other comments – but it’s true, and it’s a bit surprising to see how much information I’d miss had I not been subscribing. Do you feel that you’re better informed about topics you’ve chosen. or overwhelmed? If someone was shy about subscribing to a RSS feed, how might you persuade or convert them?

    • Sometimes topics can be overwhelming but I do a lot of research if things are unclear as well as asking tons of questions. There are so many ways and places to find that information and through the use of feeds its become nice to be able to share that information with one another. If someone was shy I would present them with the benefits of being able to gather that information for free and automatically. There are so many benefits including having the ability to be able to express a voice without actually meeting anyone. Some people may still feel uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean that they cant have a subscription to someones blog or a particular site. Everyone has something of interest so I would explore around that persons interest and show them how they can find what they need or want and how get it routinely without having to visit the particular site of interest every time they would like to read it.

  2. baorourke says:

    I like your points about the time saved by the collation of information (all your chosen feeds) by the reader. I think that time saved is time shared. In that I mean that if we can save time doing one thing we can share the information gathered, and then we can do something else with people or for people in the time saved from researching. Does that make sense?

    • Yes it does completely and I know that through the direction the internet has taken us its critical to get involved. Having the ability to obtain the information and having the ability to share that information with others on a wide scale has become a necessity for the field of web development. It really is nice to be able to build relationships all while gathering information shared from others while saving time performing research. 🙂

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