Communities of Practice

When someone brings up the topic of Communities of practice it brings many things to mind but what is exactly is it and how does it relate?Well communities of practice are formed by people who engaging in a process of collective learning in a shared domain of a particular interest. For example if you were to have an interest in cars and were wanting to gain knowledge in the field to better yourself. Simply reaching out to other people involved within the same circles, sharing ideas, and concerns with one another would be considered a general community of practice.  It allows for a collective of information through interaction as well as being able to find other resources which could help in the development of a particular project for a client.  The resources that could be provided help spread the knowledge as well as creating a social interaction from which both parties learn and grow.

Communities of practice affect my life everyday within my circles. My wife and I recently started a Mary Kay consultant business. She does the talking and selling but I help with the general networking. We started with Family and then eventually onto coworkers where it branched into people they knew. Starting off I couldn’t tell you  I knew a whole lot about makeup and though my wife had worn makeup her whole life we’ve still been able to learn a great deal through those interactions and building relationships from which to learn from.  Using the knowledge gained as we continue forward and continue to meet people we’ve built a community of practice from which we’ve both benefited as well as the others receiving our service.

In the field of web design communities of practice  essential element in being successful because of the changes and constant evolving of the web itself. Through the use of a personal learning environment and surrounding yourself with those sharing your ideas, and thoughts, the possibility of receiving that information particularly in the field of web design allows us designers to maintain ourselves updated within the constant changes and evolution of the web. Every so often there are changes. We all know general scripting techniques evolve and being part of a community of practice allows for a person to stay updated which is why web standards are important.  Making sure through the use of an updated personal learning environment we can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available and seize the opportunity to share whats been gained with others who in turn share their information with you.  In the field of web development being in touch with the world can be a big part of being successful so its important to build those relationships and collect those resources that could be provided so we continue to be successful and learn throughout our interactions with others.


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2 Responses to Communities of Practice

  1. mailitx says:

    Compliments to you – I think this is one of your best posts thus far. Very well played, broken down and related to your personal time. Well done! How do you think you can add to the collective knowledge overall? Do you think by simple participation alone, you make a contribution?

    • Well part of learning is to take that first step and contribute. Every piece of information put together to create whatever we choose is important and I value an article where different writers make the piece as one source because it allows for different minds to interact or produce their information for a collective source.

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