Collective Intelligence

Whats the first thing that comes to mind when I think Collective Intelligence? Well for me the thought brought thoughts of something from a science fiction story.  Collective Intelligence is this post refers to a collection of resources and how me use it to socially move our ideas. In the field of web design since the introduction of what is now known as web 2.0 it has become a major part of where certain resources come from. Consider the wikis for example. They provide a a collection of information, ideas, and resources that would otherwise have to be hunted or sought out. Places like twitter sometimes become invaluable because of the resources they provide especially since web design is in a constant flux where changes are all too often inevitable and welcomed. In the case of wikis you take a collection of individuals who have come together to make to make what could be considered a valuable source of information depending on how you look at it or use it.  Moreover,  the success of social networking systems for consumers such as face book and similarly for micro blogging tools, as well as the success of Twitter as a consumer tool has motivated and moved the web toward the next push in web development through the interactions and information shared that can be obtained in one place or their root sources

As a part of my everyday life its become an essential means of resource that has allowed me to stay in touch with whatever I choose. I was a really big fan of heroes early on before some of the changes which eventually led to its cancellation. There was a wiki that had been created by a collection of individuals who were also fans and so I could get on my pc and check any updates that may have been going on with the show. Likewise there is a wiki for another I show greatly enjoy called Doctor who. (For those of you who haven’t seen its a must) The point is that through the use of these different individuals I was able to find information I otherwise wouldn’t have known and it was nice even though sometimes I find more than I bargained for.

Being a web designer and understanding how collective intelligence works go hand in hand as its become an important part of creating communication among the web as well. Internet search engines prioritize web pages so it can sometimes become difficult to locate what information you may be looking for. Having one place that has those resources of information collected can be real nice especially when something in your web design isn’t clear or you need a better understanding. As well as research it can allow for you to reach out and become part of something bigger through that networking and the constant need to produce information in media.  Because of web 2.0 we have the ability to locate that information and choose what we do and don’t want for ourselves as well what we may choose to collect for others in a team role or just as a single contribution for others who may looking for information themselves. As the web continues to develop understanding collective intelligence is essential in staying up to date and maintaining web standards as they constantly change.


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6 Responses to Collective Intelligence

  1. mailitx says:

    You were thinking about the Borg, weren’t you? Yeah, admit it – it’s cool.

    Very well done post. I hate to say it, but I think you’re really getting into this. It shows – you latest blogs are much more fine-tuned, informative, and well-rounded. Good! I enjoyed reading it.

    So do you think this idea of collective intelligence is improving the type of pipe of information you have handy, or is it a new pipeline of information altogether? Thanks for the post!

  2. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to mention Twitter. Your mention of search engines prioritizing webpages and such is a fabulous point.The fact that people pay money to have their websites shown near the top regardless of whether or not the information their site has to offer is truly the best information sometimes seems to bury some of the more valuable resources out there. I have often noticed that the same sites keep coming up in my searches and I have nearly abandoned search engines alltogether because of the fact that I can find nearly everything I need to know within a network on Twitter or in a blog post with links to other sites. Aside from advanced searches, the search engine has become something that I only use for sites that I forgot to bookmark or can’t remember the exact URL for.

    So how have you begun steps to develop a collective/connective intelligence and use it to further your studies or career? What resources have you found to be the most effective for developing that network?

    • I used a variety or resources which I can email you directly. I would love to be a part of wiki group which we now have so everything’s falling in place. I network online quite a bit through the blogs, and social groups and its helped me in particularly when I had to design my first website. I had no idea it would help me in my questions and staying as up to date as it did.

  3. gpenaluna says:

    Good job on reflecting on how you use collective intelligence yourself. I need to get more into finding information through other means such as how introsp3ctive also mentions finding resources through twitter and blogs!

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