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So what comes to mind when thinking of Mobile web? What is exactly does it entail? And why is it so important? Well the term refers to the use of Internet-connected applications, or browser-based access to the Internet from a mobile device – such as a smart phone or tablet pc- connected to a wireless network.  In the early days of the web we would only use desktops to connect and as time went forward eventually laptops cold connect wireless. The use of such technology has been a big leap and will continue to be so with the addition of web 2.0 and the users who surf the internet today. Many companies have already designed for the future.  I read a recent article referencing Google and its android application launched in 2008. During the super bowl there were huge spikes in mobile queries around commercials at the end of the Super Bowl.  These are people who are on the couch and in the room with the computer right there, and for a marketer you would have to be psyched about this because through the growth of mobile applications a person can visit web sites while seeing the ads running in front of them.  I phones have become quite big and their use is phenomenal because you are essentially carrying a small pc with the ability to access to the web whether it be for personal use, business, or research. Having access to be able to do so at any given time from wherever you may be makes the whole idea valuable in itself.

In my personal life the use of mobile web technology has become particularly invaluable. I use it to access my emails, play games, and maintain my accounts up to date online. In particular its become a valuable resource in searching for information and research when I need it on the fly. As time continues mobile devices will continue to grow and develop through people like us who encourage it. I’m not a big i tunes fan but having the ability to download a particular song quickly has had its use. Many devices are constantly changing which allows for growth and improvement as they continue to come out for public use. The mobile web has allowed me to become much more connected in my personal learning enviroments through increased social action and interaction.

Devices such as the kindle,  i phone,  smart phones, web-enabled tablets, GPS systems, video games and wireless home appliances has helped  grow the mobile web exponentially — and we’re still just at the beginning of this cycle. In the field of web design this is huge because as the mobile web continues to grow the demand for applications and web sites that are compatible will continue. Early on a lot of websites were designed only for certain browsers, operating systems or certain devices. But with the advancement of Web 2.0 its becomes critical to ensure that any website designed work with most mobile devices. The use of such devices continues to grow everyday and its important that as designers we don’t ground ourselves to what we know and continue to keep an open mind that will constantly change and evolve as more devices come to the forefront and the need for the mobile web continues its growth. Its important looking forward to it and being prepared to adapt to the next wave.  As such we as designers can remain in a constant flux of information that will only allow us to advance in whatever design project or website we may be designing.


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3 Responses to Mobile Web

  1. gpenaluna says:

    Great blog. There is lots of great information here. Are you looking to get into designing for mobile web?

  2. Very well thought out.
    As said, there is a lot of great information here.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. baorourke says:

    As I read your blog I reflected on how the advances in technology, specifically in the are of mobility and the web, have affected my life and how I have responded to those advances. There have been times that I was an early adopter, but generally I tend to let the first wave of buyers find the bugs and get the developers scrambling for fixes. After a few rounds of that, when it seems safe to make a fairly stable purchase, I join the fun. Now I know, I know this doesn’t sound like someone who’s in the Web D&D program. You would think those folks are eager to get the latest and greatest. And to be truthful, if it’s someone else’s dime, then yes, I’m all in.

    Anyhow, with so many changes in this area happening so quickly what are your thoughts about this particular market? Are native apps quickly be out-marketed by mobile apps? Do you have a preference? Are you sucked into the mobile web addiction as are so many of us?

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