When I first heard about podcasting many things came to mind. I had heard the term but after spending some time listening to few I got the big picture. Here you are with a concept where so much information can be shared. Podcast  as the name implies is basically broadcasting through an i pod. The beautiful thing is similar to rss feeds the information can be automatically sent.You can be going to school,working, or be in bed and receive whatever it is you may choose to subscribe to. Not only that but a major thing that can be done is having the ability to broadcast yourself over the world for little cost. I could go on and on about its benefits but the best thing is to go and listen to few or better yet watch a few. Yea Apple really hit a home run with this one. Being able to see what you like or listening while working on something can make it worth it in itself. The good thing as well is you dont actually need an i pod to create a podcast. The only thing necessary is a computer and the proper software.

It’s interesting how it all ties together after looking through the weeks of research . Ever since Apple created the i pod people have really taken to it so its become an essential piece to the way we as designer should plan. There are a need and demand for applications that modify these devices. There is a saying “there is a ap for everything”. The demand for us to be flexible for what we design to us coming to the forefront. There are a lot of things a designer can do with his or her career but being ready to adapt and try new applications is what makes it all so great.

I spent some time reading what I could about podcasts and finding new podcasts to listen to. It was exciting to know how much interesting content I had I could find to listen to.  I took my ipod and uploaded all my music recently so I have everything I could want. Who would have thought some years ago we could put so much music in one place. That’s right folks. Instead of carrying a cd case you can have your music in your pocket for the size of a phone for those of you that might not know. Its been wonderful listening to the recent activities going on in the world. Being honest its actually really helped keep me up to date with everything around me and the cool thing is almost anything Ive wanted from whats been going in Libya recently to the new gaming insights Ive been able to collect.





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One Response to Podcasting/Vodcasting

  1. baorourke says:

    This is good Rafael! I appreciate your research and your thoughts.

    It’s pretty cool what RSS has done for technology, and actually more so for us as consumers of that technology. To really stop and think about how much information we can have delivered to us while we go on about our daily lives, is really amazing! And for FREE!!! But let’s not emphasize that part, less they start to charge for these services! Yes I have a laptop and yes I can go and read the news or listen to podcasts on my laptop, but it’s so much easier to do so even while relaxing in bed with my mobile phone or iPod.

    I like your points about how we as designers need to be flexible to meet the demands of the market for all the apps out and those that are yet to be developed. There’s always something new, and the main thing that will stop us is our own creativity. Well, that and management decision-making of whatever employer we end up working with.

    I agree in the part about appreciating the pod/vodcast in helping me stay fairly current on what’s going on in the world. It’s so easy for me to get lost in my own world of school and family life, and since I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio too much, I have to be intentional about seeking information out. This is a great vehicle to allow me to do that.

    Good job! Thanks for your post.

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