Cloud Computing

When I hear the term cloud computing what comes to my immediate mind is a cloud of information which is only a piece of what is it actually means. With Web 2.0 coming into the play the need for something like this has become important. Think of your phone service. We use our phones everyday and they do a variety of things. We generally dont live without them yet ask anyone if they understand how actually talking through a phone works or a better analogy would be a power grid where we rely and use electricity without exactly knowing how each and every part works as a collective to achieve this. The analogy could be drawn with machines in that they have intricate systems that make the whole and that relates to the term as seen through business today. The whole concept can be a bit confusing because as its evolved today through the internet its become larger and more inclusive.

Think of google and yahoo which have a central server s that use software and storage services. Its not exactly necessary for us to know the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services but we use it anyway. The whole point is that information is processing in a cloud where date is constantly being sent back and forth across the virtual line. It took me a while to grasp the concept but knowing what the future holds in this regard is important. Applications are important and are in constant design for their need. As web developers this opens an opportunity for us to step up and create applications that could become part of the so called cloud. Designing a web-based service that could work centrally from a remote locational server that would allow users to hosts all the programs the user would need for his or her job would be invaluable so I think of it all and how much it means to me. There is a giant corporate world out there and the economy has been in constant flux so the whole idea can be exciting and scary at the same time. With the design of such programs the need for manpower shifts.We strive to have our work noticed but at what cost? Is it worth the cost? I guess only time will tell.


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5 Responses to Cloud Computing

  1. mailitx says:

    Thanks for the post! What kinds of “costs” are you referring to in regards to having our work noticed? Are you suggesting a sacrifice of ownership or privacy in order to reach a desired market decision-maker?

    The cloud itself has some pretty deep privacy concerns itself (and for those reading my comments to posts – I’m not into the conspiracy theory junk, just exploring what others think about privacy…) What are your thoughts about your personal information being private? There are some new laws going live in Europe in May. Think something like that has traction here in the US?

    • I think the sacrifice of ownership is something we bend to even if we dont like it. I think we deserve to have our information private even if doesnt work that way. I went to the link and whats going on in Europe will probably happen here as well in due time.

  2. baorourke says:

    Hey Rafael,

    You left me hanging a little at the end of the blog. What do you mean by the following:
    “With the design of such programs the need for manpower shifts.We strive to have our work noticed but at what cost? Is it worth the cost? I guess only time will tell.”

    Does this topic stimulate your interest more than others we have discussed in this class, or is there another that peaks your interest as far as potential career path? I’m wondering if this is one of those things that gets you motivated to make changes, rudimentary changes to how we do things in our daily lives that will impact people around the world in positive ways. If it’s not this or even another topic from this class, I’d still like to hear your answer to what does inspire you in that fashion.

    This is another good one. Thanks for your research.

    • What I meant is we love having our worked noticed but as things become more automated we become less important in some ways and more so in others. I really liked doing our group wikis. They were a lot of fun.

  3. I like the references to phone companies. I find it so interesting that we use things like cloud computing so often and yet we never really draw the parallel and realize that we are so dependent on it. What are some of your favorite cloud computing applications?

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